GnuCash Portable


Manage your business's finances from any PC


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If you're not sure how much money you spend each month, GnuCash will enable you to effectively manage your finances.

This open-source tool was designed to manage the finances of a household or small business.

GnuCash uses a double-entry accounting system and includes an income/expense account where you can keep track of all your commercial activity.

You can also use it to manage clients, providers, and employees. It supports performing operations with different currencies, and can import QIF and OFX-formatted files.

Some other interesting features include:
- Wide variety of graphs and reports to summarize economic activity
- Transaction programmer and localizer
- Invoice due date recorder, and much more.

Thanks to this portable version, you can store your financial information in a pendrive, so that it is accessible from any computer without having to install any program.
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